Are you game?

You said you were tired of

The thousands little lies

Lovers weave

Gentle misgivings like

“I’ll never hurt you”


“I just want to save you.”

You said your heart was burning some truth, something you could hold onto

So here goes:


I am an asshole.

I can’t promise not to hurt you

because I inevitably will

and I’d love to pretend like I didn’t mean to

but, truthfully, I probably did.

And to be perfectly clear

I am not the saving type

because as far as I’m concerned

there’s no one here to save.

And while we’re in the thick of it,

Know that I am not the kind of person to “persevere” through your shit

And I don’t expect you to take any of mine.



I will love you

I will reach into the ends of everything you are

just to understand you

to listen to and honestly hear you.

I will lay my armor down at your feet

and break apart every single scattered piece of me

just to breathe you in

just to see you.


So no

this probably isn’t the fairytale you’ve been searching for

but I swear to you now and forever

that with my every explosion comes another piece of me

you can carve your name into

and with my every word, my every vow, every “I love you”

will eternally be the subtext of

my heart sliding out of my ribcage, through my lungs, across the air

and into your hands


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