the sea

The Sea

I remember the sea

But I can’t remember much else.


I remember-


The rushing flow piercing my skin

As the vultures mark their newest prey


The quiet subtle passing breeze

Abandoning me for another tide, just another ride


The humble ticking destruction within the crash

Tucked neatly between the lines


The roaring, impulsive waves of my intuition

Begging for the abolition of my guilty conscience


The warm and bitter sand under my dementia

Hiding silently in the shadows of my delirium


The sweet, salty taste of the immersion

Only to resurface alone–suffocating


The steady drowning in the green acid

Believing I’d never breathe again



But, as I stand at the highest peak of forgiveness

Trembling under this new light

While the angels sing of my sudden salvation

I understand my sacrifice, your simple demise.

I understand my compromise.


So while I remember the sea

I refuse to remember much else.

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