The love of my life has a Superman complex

Which, let’s face it, in the beginning is kinda sexy

And I was dying, literally dying, to be saved.


So he broke me in and house-trained me

Taught me how to be docile and static

Shook out the wild and the reckless.

Ironing out my bipolar with patience

Chasing away the manic,

Leaving just the shell.


And maybe that’s when we broke down


Because what happens when there’s nothing left to save?

Nothing left to chase and heal?

For once I’m breathing completely

But now he’s broken

And waiting

For the fall in the distance

For my skin to re-open

For someone to break

And that someone needs to be me.


We spend our nights just staring, waiting for some spark

No—not a spark—

For the chase

To kick-start us back to life

Because  while I’m deflating,

His heart’s slowly decaying.


The savior’s high electrified him

But the crash is killing him.

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